Buttonwood Park Zoo / Zoo Crew - 1 Week of ZooCrew at Buttonwood Park Zoo

Buttonwood Park Zoo / Zoo Crew - 1 Week of ZooCrew at Buttonwood Park Zoo

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1 Week of ZooCrew at Buttonwood Park Zoo – Value = $225/week  
Ever wondered if you could walk on eggs or why bears hibernate during the winter?  What about what a zookeeper does all day?  Well, spend a week this summer at Buttonwood Park Zoo for ZooCrew and get the answers to all those questions and more.  Weekly summer programs start on July 10th and run through August 18th for children ages 4 – 12. Each week focuses on a different theme through hands-on activities, crafts, games, tours of the zoo and animal encounters!
4 & 5 year olds
7/10 – Circle of Life: Which did come first, the chicken or the egg? Join us as we explore animal life cycles and attempt to answer this age old question.
7/24 – Animals & Me: Come discover some of the similarities we share with animals. Do you like any of the same food as a turtle? Do you have any of the same bones as a bird?
8/14 – Critter Coverings: Do animals wear sweaters or hats? What do animals have that covers their body? Is it all the same? Join us as we explore the different covering animals have.
6 & 7 year olds
7/10 – Animal Kingdom: How is a frog different from a bird? Explore the animal world to discover “the inside secrets” of how anatomy holds the key to kinship in the animal kingdom.
7/31 – Diversity: It takes all kinds: What would the world be like if we were all the same? Come explore how it takes all kinds to make a habitat a home.
8/7 – Animal Superheroes: Faster than a speeding bobcat, more powerful than a thundering elephant- From super-strength to bionic vision, invisibility to lightning speed, animals have amazing powers! Put on your mask and cape and discover all about the super-heroes of the animal world.
8 & 9 year olds
7/17 – What’s for Lunch?: Have you ever wondered what animals eat for lunch? Come discover why some animals eat berries while others eat carrion.
7/24 – You Belong in a Zoo: Have you ever wondered how a zookeeper starts their day? Or how an exhibit designer makes an animal exhibit?  Join us for a week of hands-on career exploration.
8/7 – Grossology: Gross! Yuck! Cool! Come discover the weird and sometimes gross adaptations that animals have to help them survive.
10 – 12 year olds
7/17 – Animal Innovations: Did you know that Velcro was inspired by nature? Explore the way animals have inspired some of our innovations and see how they can inspire your creativity.
7/31 – ZooCrew Trekkers: Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a real biologist? Join us as we leave the Zoo and explore some of our local environments!
8/14 – Be the Change: Are you curious about some of today’s environmental issues? Join us as we explore some of this topics and discover how we can be part of the solution.


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